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Rubber Chicken Keychain
This Rubber Chicken Keychain is just like the original gag prop, only on a smaller scale! Approx. Size: 6"
Mousetrap Keychain
Mousetrap keychain - Fun for the whole family!
$7.00 Limited Supply - Discontinued
Spiderman Keychain
Spider-Man Keychain *
Spider-Man keychain - Spider-Man, Marvel’s web spinning wonder and coolest super hero spins, swings and climbs in mini keychain form features articulated arms, plus incredible web action!
$6.00 Limited Supply - Discontinued Item
Mini Tape Measure Keychain
Mini Tape Measure Keychain
A mini 3 ft. tape measure keychain! Great for actual use or even as a novelty gift!
American Flag Keychain (Plastic)
You can show your patriotism with this American Flag keychain.
The Gambler Keychain *
The Gambler Keychain - A plush squeezable dog who loves to gamble.
$4.99 Discontinued item - Limited Quantity
Etch A Sketch Keychain
Etch A Sketch, the world’s favorite drawing toy introduced in 1960, is one of our most popular keychains.
$6.50 Limited Supply - Discontinued Item
Scrabble Keychain
The classic crossword game played by millions around the world! Use your seven letters to build crosswords, and use bonus spaces to add to your score!
$6.50 Limited Supply - Discontinued
Music Box Teaching Clock
The "Music Box Teaching Clock". Throw away the sundial and hour glass. Now your child can learn to tell time with this classic product from Fisher Price. Crank the knob on the back and enjoy the pictures and music for visual and auditory amusement.
Dora the Explorer Key Chain
Dora the Explorer Princess Keychain
Take Dora the Explorer along with you on all of your adventures by placing her on your keyring.
$2.50 Limited Supply
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